We suck, and it’s ok. Just make sure it’s not on a plastic straw.

There are Five other ways to replace plastic straws:

1.Stainless steel




5. &NONE! purse those sexy lips and drink like you were thirsty!

Reasons why to choose these options over plastic straws:

They’re Reusable- Easy to wash with a special long thin brush. Most purchase nowadays includes one!

Lifetime of a Stainless steel straw is … basically unbreakable and most glass straws offer lifetime free replacement!

Non toxic- No plastic = no concern about the use of unsafe chemicals

You can customize your Shape options- Have it straight, bent, swirl, short or long (small vs large glass, or kid vs. adult size), thin or wide (juice vs smoothie), glass straws can even be color personalized! How cool is that? … and believe or not you get some benefits with using these alternative non-plastic straws:

Need a gift? Make it memorable by offering a cool set, or a personalized glass straw! It’s unusual, creative, and very unique (oh and thoughtful!) by placing the straw in the back of your mouth, you can prevent your teeth from being stained by tea, coffee, and dare we even say wine?

Check out @simplystraws @baliboostraws @eco.health.lifestyle @strawsleeves

#plasticcontinents #nomoreplasticstraws #🌐♻️ #singleuseplasticisover #chooseright!


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